ESPHome on the Etekcity NightLight plug and 2 & 6 Channel Power Monitoring

Finishing up the last bit of sensors and config on the Etekcity power monitoring plug.  No soldering required to flash the plug as they left us an open header to attach to.  Snuck in a little bit of the cool 3 way Martin Jerry switch.

Etekcity Plug
Martin Jerry 3 way Switch

2 & 6 Channel Monitoring Boards with ESPHome -

Audio issues on the first piece, but we reset OBS to fix the issue!  Sorry guys/gals!

Tasmota Template for the Etekcity
(had issues with voltage readings dropping at random times)

Work in progress Etekcity Plug Config

  plug_name: etekpower
  # Higher value gives lower watt readout
  current_res: "0.00095"
  # Lower value gives lower voltage readout
  voltage_div: "2040"

  name: ${plug_name}
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp8285

  ssid: !secret wifi_ssid

3 Way Smart Switch with Motion Activation

Installing the true 3 Way Smart Switch from Etekcity.  As always we flash the switch with open source firmware, Tasmota for 100% local control.  No soldering required to flash!  After the setup we do a slight modification to add a motion sensor to solve an issue I had in our laundry room.

Etekcity 3 Way (2 pack)
Etekcity Single Pole

FTDI USB Flasher
Jumper Wires
Straight Header Pins

To Add Motion Activation
Angled Header Pins

Installation Tools
Wago 221 Wire Connectors
Circuit Tester

Soldering gear I use
Helping Hands

Additional Links
NodeMCU Pyflasher
3 Way Switch Diagrams
Cliff Quicktest

Tasmota Template

{"NAME":"Etekcity 3Way","GPIO":[255,255,0,255,23,29,0,0,82,22,10,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Setup Commands for the Console

backlog switchtopic 0;switchmode1 1;switchmode2 5;switchmode3 1;powerretain 1;rule1 on event#ON do power2 TOGGLE endon;rule1 1;rule2 on event#OFF do power2 TOGGLE endo…

3 Way DIY Smart Dimming

3-Way Dimming without the cloud! I show the hallway 3 way light that was in dire need of dimming at night from our motion activated lights.  All of the Tasmota rules and links to wiring diagrams are included below. Enjoy! Subscribe, give us a thumbs up, and feel free to comment if you have any questions.

Acenx Dimmer Switch

Zemismart Switch

3-Way Switch Diagrams

How to Flash the Acenx/Martin Jerry Dimmer

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Primary Dimmer Rules
Rule1 on Switch2#state=2 do Dimmer - endon on Switch3#state=2 do Dimmer + endon on Switch2#state=3 do Dimmer 30 endon on Switch3#state=3 do Dimmer 100 endon
Rule2 on Power1#State=1 do backlog publish cmnd/SW_Hall_Secondary/ledpower 1; ledpower 0 endon on Power1#State=0 do backlog publish cmnd/SW_Hall_Secondary/ledpower 0; ledpower 1 endon
Rule3 on Dimmer#State>=70 do Var1 15 endon on Dimmer#State<70 do Var1 85 endon on System#Boot do Var1 15 endon on …

LOHAS Smart Bulbs and a cool white/warm white bulb configured with ESPHome and Tasmota

The LOHAS LED Bulbs utilize dual channels of warm white and cool white LEDs on the MY9231/MY9291 LED drivers.  We show in ESPHome how to solve this issue with a custom component.  All of the sample configurations used in the video can be found at the GitHub link below.  The Anoop bulb is a dual channel PWM light shown in Tasmota.  We also show how to easily configure the device using the new copy and paste templates of Tasmota.

LOHAS Color (3 pack)
LOHAS Color (1 pack) 
Anoopsyche CW/WW LED

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LOHAS ESPHome Configurations and CopyChan component -

Home Assistant Sample MQTT Configurations -

Tuya Convert Process -

DIY Smart Laundry - Electric Dryer Voice Notifications

Do you use an electric dryer and need a solution to send voice notifications when the cycle is complete?  Let's build a simple non-invasive DIY sensor that monitors the electrical draw from the dryer using a Wemos D1/NodeMCU, a couple resistors, capacitor and a split core current transformer.  You can also apply this same project to many other electrical monitoring projects in the home. 

Parts List
Split Core Current Transformer
Wemos D1 Mini
10µF Capacitor
10k Resistors
Preformed Jumpers

Alternative NodeMCU 8266
Alternative NodeMCU 8285

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Misc Links
Wiring Diagrams and Arduino Sketch -
Arduino IDE Download -
AsyncMQTT -

Boards Manager Address for Arduino IDE Config:

Smart Bulbs with Tasmota & ESPHome - Home Assistant

Renting or can't swap out your light switches with the various solutions we have shown?  Let's check out some smart lighting options.

Lights Used
Smart Bulb RGBW
Smart Downlight RGBW - 4inch
Smart Downlight RGBW - 6inch

How to configure both ESPHome & Tasmota with 2 smart lighting options.  Both of these devices utilize the MY9291 LED Driver inside.  After using the easy Tuya Convert process to flash custom firmware we show how to configure each light in Home Assistant for MQTT/API Local Control without the cloud.

Upcoming Lights: Set#1  and Set#2

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Tuya Convert Process -

Tasmota Project -
ESPHome Project -

Sample Home Assistant Config:

Tasmota Device Templates -

DIY ESPHome Multisensor - Temp, Humidity, RGB LED, Motion and LUX

I built another multisensor for the bedroom and I decided to change up a few components.  Dive in and take a step by step approach to build it with Otto Winter's ESPHome software this time around as it's been a year since I built the initial Bruh Automation version.  ESPHome is easy to use and configure; No Arduino IDE, no coding, just a config file and the sensors wired up! 

Parts List Used 
TSL2561 LUX Sensor  or Sensor#2
Jumper Wires
AM312 Motion Sensor
5mm Neopixel or  8mm Neopixel
DHT22 Temp/Humidity

Sample ESPHome YAML (replace the IP address and WiFi information)

  name: sensor_node1
  platform: ESP8266
  board: nodemcuv2

  ssid: 'yourWIFIhere'
  password: 'yourPASShere'
    static_ip:  change this IP and remove this message

# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API


  - platform: dht
    pin: D7