Finally! A Tasmota WiFi Dimmer Smart Switch

Looking for a MQTT WiFi Dimmer Switch that works with Tasmota for local control that works with HomeAssistant and many other home automation solutions?  Check out this dimmer smart switch - Oittm Dimmer Switch 

This is a 1 gang US sized WiFi dimmer smart switch with Tasmota firmware! No cloud or internet necessary.  All local control.

The WiFi controller is an ESP8266 chip ready to be flashed with Tasmota firmware.  I've coded the serial communications necessary into the Tasmota firmware and compiled the firmware for you.

USB FTDI Adapter to flash the unit -

Flash with a standard USB ESP8266 capable flasher device.  Do NOT connect it to mains power while flashing.  Flashing this device will void the warranty, do so at your own risk!

Firmware -

Example HomeAssistant YAML Configuration:
GitHub -