The Tasmota Fan Controller I've been waiting for...

I've done several projects with the Sonoff iFan03 and various Martin Jerry dimmers to make my own fan controllers that work via Home Assistant while also following my rule of "never removing functionality while adding functionality" in a smart home.  The setup is challenging with replacing fan capacitors for 120vac based fans, dimmer rules, iFan rules, etc.  I've always been looking for a drop in fan controller that was not Zwave or Zigbee based.  Treatlife finally came out with a device that answers all of this and more!  
The Treatlife 2 in 1 Fan Controller and Light Dimmer is currently priced comparatively with other Zwave fan controllers that only have fan controls.  Available on Amazon Here.
A live stream is available showing the device -  View Live Stream on digiblurDIY
The switch will work with the Tuya Smartlife cloud app if you want to ride dangerously but as of this article if you attempt to use it via the Home Assistant Tuya integration, the dimmer and fan co…

DIY Smart Home - Ep#7 | Smart Garage Door Solutions | How to with no fees or cloud

We added a bit of DIY automation to the garage door for minimal costs and of course without any fees or forced cloud control  Taking a deep dive for the new folks to the DIY Garage scene and for the semi-DIY'ers we also show some other easy solutions.
Parts Sonoff SV Sonoff SV (Direct from iTead) Reed Switch for Open/Close Sensor Alternate Reed Switch Moes Garage Door Opener
Wyze Sensor Setup Video Moes Garage Door Opener Setup Post Tasmotizer Download
Tasmota Garage Setup & Rules (for easy copy and paste from the video)
switchmode2 1 poweronstate 0 setoption0 0 pulsetime1 10 Rule1 on switch2#state=0 do publish2 stat/%topic%/status closed endon on switch2#state=1 do publish2 stat/%topic%/status open endon
Sample YAML Config
cover:   - platform: mqtt name: "Garage Door" command_topic: "cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER" state_topic: "stat/GarageDoor/status" availability_topic: "tele/GarageDoor/LWT" qos: 1 payload_available: "Online" payload_not_available: &quo…