TreatLife Smart Switch - SS01S - Single Pole


The TreatLife SS01S Smart Switch is another favorite of many in the smart home world, especially if they don't like the look of the Martin Jerry switches.  This switch brings many great features; 1. Easy opening. 2. No screws to remove to access the ESP82xx if needed.  3. Two controllable LEDs (white & red)

Tasmota Template and Setup (9.x or higher required)

{"NAME":"TreatLife Single Pole SW","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,320,289,0,0,224,32,544,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

Don't forget to activate the template on the "Configure Other" screen!  

If a Red LED while "Off" and Blue LED while "On" is desired, paste the following rule into the Tasmota console.  If you want opposite colors, edit the template in the configure template screen and transpose Led_i with Led and vice versa. The "i" stands for inverted.  Copy the below rule as one line to the Tasmota console: 

Rule1 on power1#state do backlog ledpower1 %value%; ledpower2 %value% endon
 on power1#boot do backlog ledpower1 %value%; ledpower2 %value% endon

Activate the Rule with 

Rule1 1

ESPHome YAML and Setup


Purchase the Switch (Affiliate Links)
Amazon US or 4 pack 

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