▶ Security Camera Recommendations

Security Camera Recommendations 

My Current go to Camera - 4K 30 FPS with excellent low light


Best Budget Camera - Amcrest 5MP IP5M-T1179EW

My Go to NVR System - Set it and Forget with a great phone/tablet App


  1. Are these cameras fully open/standard? No proprietary app required? No cloud connection or registration required? No windows-only software or browser plugins required? Accept IP assignment from DHCP server? Can configure them from Google Chrome browser on linux, and use them with MotionEye NVR software?

    1. Replying to myself here. I bought one of these (the 5MP), and can confirm that the answers to all of the questions I asked appear to be "yes".

      I've connected it, it comes up on DHCP, the web interface "just works" in my chrome browser, and the video stream is even visible in the browser window. I haven't yet connected it to MotionEye, but I see it has rtsp so have no doubt that it will work.

      This will definitely be a "preferred" camera brand/model for me.

    2. The amcrest door bell also procues a rtsp feed so it can be dropped right into the DVR with the other feeds. I really like the openness of the amcrest platform.


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