Evalogik WF30 2 or 3 Way Rocker Switch


The Evalogik WF-30 Switch can be used in a typical 2 way(single switch) or 3 way (double switch) setup (wiring diagram below).  The one very interesting design of the switch is the up and down rocker that isn't normal to typical smart switches.  The best thing about it is....with Tasmota, you can see if the user pushed up or down.  The wheels are turning right?  Yep!  You could easily use this for multipress automations or even use it to send dimming up/down commands to smart lights!  There's also a toggle version of the switch.

Current Tuya Convert Status - 2020/12/15 Success

Tasmota Template and Setup (9.x or higher required)

{"NAME":"Evalogik WF30 2/3Way","GPIO":[0,0,0,0,33,0,0,0,224,32,0,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}

OPTIONAL: Enable SetOption73 in Tasmota to decouple the buttons for automations (example output)

21:54:17 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button1":{"Action":"SINGLE"}}
21:54:20 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button2":{"Action":"SINGLE"}}
21:54:24 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button1":{"Action":"DOUBLE"}}
21:54:27 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button2":{"Action":"DOUBLE"}}
21:54:29 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button2":{"Action":"HOLD"}}
21:54:32 MQT: stat/sw_evalogik_2_3_way/RESULT = {"Button1":{"Action":"HOLD"}}    

ESPHome YAML and Setup


Purchase the Switch (Affiliate Links)
Amazon US (Rocker Style) or Toggle Style 

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Additional Photos (click to enlarge the photo)


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