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Martin Jerry Dimmer Tasmota Fork - https://github.com/digiblur/Tasmota

Tasmota and other Wiki info - https://github.com/digiblur/Tasmota/wiki

Tasmota Wiki - https://tasmota.github.io/docs/

3 Way Switch Wiring Diagrams - https://www.easy-do-it-yourself-home-improvements.com/3-way-switch-wiring-diagram.html

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  1. I just joined your area on Discord but I am so new not sure where to ask these questions. First I just purchased new 4 packs of the TreatLife 3-Way's SS01 4 pack and the TreatLife Smart Light Switch SS01 4 pack. Can either or both of these switches be flashed with Tasomota?
    For my second question would one of your Jigs be available for purchase. I just started Home Assistant a couple months ago but I have a background in electronics and computers. Now retired and wanting to improve my ease of living with automatons. Sent a friend request on Discord and have purchased several items from DrZzs.
    Thanks Paul Randall / Oklahoma City

    1. As of now, yes they can all be flashed with Tasmota but usually via serial method using soldering or a solderless jig. Hit me up on Discord.

  2. New and trying to get to your group on discord... can you tell me what to use to find or add digiblurdiy to discord please. I did subscribe but just see my one ther group... can't add digiblurdiy.... thx

  3. I just saw your circuit setups power monitor video and have a quick question. You installed the esp32 monitor board within the circuit panel. Did you end up routing the power supply outside the panel or did you wire it directly to a breaker. Just trying to figure out what to tell my electrician.

    1. I've seen both done. Some preferred just doing the power supply in the box which is understandable if there isn't an outlet nearby and don't want to run a wire inside the box.


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