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How to Convert the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge into a Router / Repeater

  Do you have a  Sonoff Zigbee Bridge sitting in the drawer after switching over to the CC2652 series coordinator ?  Don't toss it out!  Let's use it as a router/repeater to extend your Zigbee network!  If you haven't already converted it to open source with Tasmota check out this article first.  Already have Tasmota on it?  Let's go! Open a web browser to the Zigbee Bridge IP address once it is connected to your WiFi network. First, it's not a bad idea to upgrade the firmware on it to the latest stable build of Tasmota.  Verify your OTA URL is using the tasmota-zbridge.bin file as it is required to upload the Zigbee Router firmware.  Use the Firmware Upgrade button on the GUI of the device.  After it reboots into the latest version; click Configuration then Configure Module.  Select Sonoff ZbBridge (75) and Click Save .  If you do not see this module you need to upgrade to the tasmota-zbbridge.bin file version of Tasmota. Download the efr32mg21_zigbee_router_si