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Tasmota Control of Zigbee Lights WithOUT Home Assistant or NodeRED

  Control your Zigbee Smart Lights with Tasmota Switches and #Zigbee2MQTT without any home automation in the middle ⚡All the Links Zigbee Bulbs - Martin Jerry Switch Linkind Switches Athom Preflashed Switches Athom Store - KaufHA Preflashed BR30 KaufHA Preflashed A19 CC2652 Zigbee Coordinator - Please note, the product links above could be affiliate links, using them could earn digiblurDIY a small commission of most purchases and helps with future video projects. Thank you!  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Tasmota One Button Dimming & CT Control Rules Paste each rule/command on one line in the console.  Change "ZigLinkindBulb" to your Zigbee2MQTT device name or group.  Do not forget to turn the rules On! calcres 0 switchmode1