Linkind ESP32 Smart Switch Deal

Complete Flashing Guide 

10/03/2021 If you bought the dimmers, several of us have been working on reverse engineering the dimmer and have a proof of concept working!  Thanks to Tediore and Tony's help on this process.  Check the Linkind dimmer thread on the digiblurDIY discord and this GitHub Gist

09/30/2021 Deal is dead now... If you see it again let us know! 

09/28/2021 5PM Central: Currently showing out of stock on the 4 pack for $20 switches.  The singles are still available for $7.50 a piece.  Buy the 1 pack on Amazon

09/28/2021 8AM Central: These oddly ESP32 equipped smart switches are running for $5 a piece in the 4 pack on Amazon (Prime required).  That's a steal for many reasons which you'll see below!  

Buy the 1 pack on Amazon

Buy the 4 pack on Amazon

Can we flash Tasmota on it?  YES!  The Linkind Smart Switch is rather unique.  It uses an ESP32 chipset, two independent buttons, two independent LEDs (behind the small hole) of green/red and one relay.  It comes with a non branded white screwless decora faceplate.  The switch can also be used in multi-gang boxes as they have the additional mounting holes. 

Complete Flashing Guide 

Buy the 1 pack on Amazon

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