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Linkind ESP32 Smart Switch Deal

Looking for How to Flash them?    Complete Flashing Guide   Buy the 1 pack on Amazon Buy the 4 pack on Amazon Can we flash Tasmota on it?   YES!   The  Linkind Smart Switch  is rather unique.  It uses an ESP32 chipset, two independent buttons, two independent LEDs (behind the small hole) of green/red and one relay.  It comes with a non branded white screwless decora faceplate.  The switch can also be used in multi-gang boxes as they have the additional mounting holes.  ⚡Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - ⚡Be Social!⚡ YouTube - Discord Chat - Patreon - Facebook - Instagram - Please note, the product links above could be affiliate links, using them could earn digiblurDIY a small commission of most purchases and helps with future video pr

Preflashed ESPHome / Tasmota Smart Bulbs with an Added Bonus - Kauf BLF10

  Someone has finally done it, a bulb with an oh sh!$ recovery method!  The Kauf BLF10 Bulb is on Amazon and preflashed with ESPHome .  Yes, you can also install other open source ESP8266 projects such Tasmota , WLED , etc by simply using your web browser.  No exploits, no hacks, no soldering, no wires, take it out of the box and go.   Purchase and skip the reading (Amazon) The bulb is a 10W LED (not to be confused with wattages stated as equivalent), I do not see a lumen rating at this time on the specifications but found the brightness by eye to be on par for a bulb of this size.  There are 5 independent color channels to this bulb; Red, Green, Blue, Cool White, and Warm White.  None of that 4 channel simulated warm white or cool white mess!  Keep in mind this is an A21 sized bulb that could have size issues fitting in some enclosures.  What's the added bonus?   Your eyes aren't deceiving you, those are indeed solder pads for 3V3, RX, TX, GND and GPIO Zero.  What does that