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How to Get Started with Zigbee2MQTT and Home Assistant

I had so much information and knowledge to a dump on with Zigbee and how I've found the best way to integrate it all with the most reliability, it got split up into two videos.  All of the videos are split into chapters so you can easily find the information you need and skip the crap you don't need.  There's the install with non-supervisor and supervisor installs as well.   Part 1 Part 2 ⚡Coordinators/Hub Tubes ZB - CircuitSetup - ZZH - Ti - Ti -   ⚡Zigbee Devices Aqara Sensors Iris Motion Sensor S31 ZB Smart Plug Linkind Plug and Remote Pack Sengled Power Monitoring Plugs Gledopto LED Zigbee Bridge Sage Doorbell Sensor ⚡Resources Zigbee2MQTT - Supported Devices - https://www.zigbee2

Mass Tasmota Upgrades and Easy Management of Devices

In depth easy to understand MQTT practices with all your Tasmota devices and more.  TasmoBackup, NodeRed, Tasmota Device Manager, and MQTTExplorer usage with Home Assistant. Tasmota Tips Episode 10 Jumping major versions? Tasmota - Tasmota Device Manager  TDM - MQTT Explorer - TasmoBackup - YAML To Push MQTT Commands - ⚡Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - ⚡Be Social!⚡ YouTube - Discord Chat - Patreon - Facebook - Instagram - Please note, the product links above could be affiliate links, using them could

iTead Sonoff iFan04-L - They listened!

While chatting on Discord we got on the smart ceiling fan controller options or lack thereof.  Long story short there's a new listing for the Sonoff iFan04 controller.  Could it be?!?!  Did they finally listen to several of us and do a fan controller with 120VAC fans in mind?  YUP!  They sure did.  Is it ESP82xx based so we can put Tasmota or ESPHome on it?  Absolutely!   Buy from iTead Buy on Amazon Let's take a few steps back.  So what is it?  The iFan0x controller is designed to address a common problem many people have with wiring.  In older homes there would be one light switch in a bedroom to control the fan and light together.  If this switch was turned off, both the light and fan went off.  Of course in the past 20+ yrs that did change in many areas where they ran an additional hot wire in the bundle and have a 2 gang switch for light and fan.  Instead of a costly rewire the iFan controller steps in to fill the gap.  It's designed to receive the one hot wire and br