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New iTead Sonoff POW R3 - 25A Relay

So every once in a while we seem to find some strange home automation product designs.  When I saw the name of POW R3 come across the FCC docs as 2APN5-POWR3 I was excited to see the new design.  If you aren't familiar with the previous model, POW R2 it was basically a large box at over 4 inches (114mm) long with power monitoring and a relay.  It definitely was a tank but its hard to park that tank in the garage!   UPDATE: The page is live on iTead for the POW R3 already! (POW R2 - source When iTead redesigned the new Sonoff Dual in the R3  revision, I was really impressed ( video link ).  ESP32, dual switch inputs, dual power monitoring in small form factor design.  The new redesign of the POW is got bigger! Pics from the FCC Filing First thoughts.  ESP8266!  WOOT!  Header pins and things labelled.  YES!  Great job OYO for thinking of the DIY community!  Tasmota or ESPHome is waiting to be installed.  What are these empty headers here?  Call me!  By loo

NEW Amcrest AD410 2K Video Doorbell - RTSP & Person Detection

Is it worth the upgrade from the AD110 Model? #Amcrest added local #PersonDetection right inside the camera itself.  How to capture all the doorbell events right into MQTT with Home Assistant.  Another crazy in depth review!  Enjoy The BEST Part! Amcrest Video Doorbell AD410 (Amazon) Amcrest Video Doorbell AD110 (Amazon) Doorbell Power Transformer Upgrade (if needed) (Amazon)   Endurance 64gb micro SD Card (Amazon)   ⚡Resources Frigate Video Mentioned - Previous Model Video - Amcrest2MQTT - AD410 Amcrest Articles - Dahua Config Tool - ⚡Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - ⚡Be Social!⚡ Main Website - Discord Chat - Patreon - https://patreon

ALL Local Control Thermostat with MQTT and Home Assistant - Venstar T7900

Why did I wait this long to control my air conditioner without the cloud!?!?  Something so simple and yet so awesome.  The Venstar local API changes things in my smart home.   Venstar T7900 Color - Venstar T2000 - Venstar T7900 (Ebay) - Venstar T2000 (Ebay) - Venstar Sensors - Venstar Add A Wire - Venstar Wireless Sensor - Venstar Wired Sensor - Venstar Amazon Canada - Local API Docs - Home Assistant Venstar Integration - Venstar MQTT - ⚡Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - ⚡Be Social!⚡ Main Website - Discord Chat -