Security Camera Person Detection that just works! How to Setup Frigate with Home Assistant

A Complete Walkthrough of setting up Frigate AI Detection for use with Home Assistant or many other home automation systems that support MQTT.  Frigate is free, open source and easy to install/maintain.  

Frigate Project -

Sample Frigate Config.yml -

Google Coral TPU Options

M.2 WiFi Slot - or
M.2 SSD Slot -
Mini PCIE Version -
Convert Mini PCIE to PCIE Slot - or
USB Model (Scalpers locked this one up for now) -
Insanity PCIE Board -
Amazon Canada Coral TPU -
Google Coral Edge TPU Info and Additional Stores  -
4TB Seagate -


Amcrest 4K -
Amcrest Doorbell -
Reolink Dome(US):
Reolink Dome(UK):
Reolink Dome(CA):
Direct Purchase from Reolink's store - or Bullet
ReoLink also has an Aliexpress Store -

Camera Comparison Videos -

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