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Treatlife Dual Indoor Dimmable Smart Plug (DP-20) ESP Transplant

Treatlife Dual Indoor Dimmable Smart Plug (DP-20) ESP Transplant Submitted by M.J. Wydra Treatlife released an indoor dual outlet dimmable smart plug in Q4 2020. It ships with a WB3S module which is not compatible with Tasmota but is pin-compatible with the ESP-12 (see the end of this document for a pinout comparison). This means the WB3S can be removed and replaced with an ESP-12 flashed with Tasmota. The plug is held together with four screws and some internal clips. Remove the informational sticker on the back to access the four screws. Remove the screws and pry in the gap on the longer sides of the plug to open the plug up. Unfortunately the plug is equipped with a secondary TuyaMCU (Nuvoton M031EC1AE, pictured to the left of the WB3S). This means the plug will use the Tasmota TuyaMCU module (Module 54) once the WB3S is replaced with an ESP. Take care not to remove any of the pads when desoldering the WB3S. I accidentally removed the RX pad on the board w

Comparing the Best Security Cameras 2020 on a budget! 4K 8MP and 5MP

  I started with 7 cameras in the comparison but the wheels quickly fell off of 3, leaving 4 great cameras and even a couple of them bring Starlight lenses and 4K to the table.   Amcrest 5MP - Reolink RLC-520 5MP - Amcrest 4K 8MP Bullet - Amcrest 4K 8MP Turret (not shown in video) - Annke C800 4K 8MP - How to put Ethernet Cable Ends on for POE Cameras - GoPro Hero 9 - -=-=-=-Products We Use/Recommend-=-=-=- Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - DISCLAIMER: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for this channel to earn commissions by linking to and affiliated sites.  Most or all product links are affiliate links and digiblurDIY could receive compensa

How to Add Custom Panels in Home Assistant

  Are you just as tired as I was digging for stuff you go to all the time in Home Assistant?  I know I was!  The developers always seemed to move stuff on me too.  I wanted my Server Control, Integrations, and MQTT devices right at my finger tips instead of buried in menus and large integration panels lists.  I seem to get asked this question on every live stream which is a good thing!  So here's how to do it, it's simple.   Open your configuration.yaml file in whatever method you like to edit files, VSC, Notepad++, vi, etc. Make sure you do not have a "panel_custom:" section already.  If not, just copy and paste this one in.   panel_custom :   -  name :  ha_server_con      sidebar_title :  ServerControl      sidebar_icon :  mdi:cog-transfer      js_url :  /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js      url_path :  'config/server_control'      embed_iframe :  true      require_admin :  true      config :        ingress :  core_configurator      -  name :  ha_mqtt_dev     

H.View 5MP PTZ Camera - Deja Vu?

  I had the pleasure (or not) of testing out another PTZ camera.  I'm always down on checking out a new one after the last three I checked out, such as the Amcrest , Reolink and I'll not mention the last one that didn't fair to well in a video .  PTZ cameras are addicting and useful to complement your fixed position cameras, once you go PTZ you can't go back!   The H.View PTZ 502 is a 5MP camera with 5x optical zoom and is POE capable, even at non POE+ specs it works!  Other PTZs we've had to use POE+ for additional power.  Speaking of that at first glance I noticed something.... I had seen this camera before!  Well at least the shell of the camera.  The lens part was a little different but it was almost the same housing.  The Reolink is only 4x though instead of the H.View being 5x.  The one drawback I had with the Reolink was the speed of moving and focus took too long, especially after we got spoiled with the Amcrest PTZ camera.  After opening the box I decided