Tasmota Ready Smart Home Devices - No flashing and without the Cloud!

(Don't forget the 30% coupon code towards the end of this post!)

You heard correctly.  No flashing, no jumper wires, no soldering, no Tuya Convert, etc., take the smart bulb, switch, plug, etc., out of the box, plug it in and it is ready to go!  The device will be in access point mode ready to add to your Wi-Fi network.  ESPHome users can easily apply their own configuration to use them as well!  

But why do we need this?  Can't we just flash our own devices?  Absolutely! If you have the skills and know how to flash the all of your devices then this might not be for you.  

Do you just want something ready to go?  Keep reading, more and more smart home devices such as Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs are almost impossible to flash via soldering/jig methods due to the pins not being accessible.  Then let's not forget, many smart devices have moved to RTL based chipsets that can't be flashed with Tasmota/ESPHome at all.

A company name ATHOM Technology is bringing several devices to the table to help break down the barriers of having a true smart home that isn't dependent on the cloud and possibly some company selling your data.  It reminds me of the exciting times where we could first start buying computers with Linux installed and didn't have to pay for the Windows license!

I've looked at several of the products in this run and while one glaring issue I have upfront is the lack of open pin headers like you might see on a Shelly1 switch, you do have to keep in mind that things will only get better as hardware runs continue to improve and we voice our opinions with the company.  With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with the RGB+CCT (5 channel color) smart bulb brightness.

I do plan on doing a full review video of several of them but I have been delayed in my schedule with the current Hurricane Laura recovery efforts.  Instead of wasting more time for the ones that want to check this out right now, I'm doing this blog post to share a coupon code for 30% off on their store at https://athom.aliexpress.com/  just put in DIGIBLURDIY as the promo code.  UPDATE:  There are only 100 coupons available, once I get confirmation they are done, I'll edit this post.   

Stay tuned to the digiblurDIY YouTube channel.... https://www.youtube.com/digiblurDIY

Upgrade procedures to the latest Tasmota (if you have a 2M or 4M flash-thanks @BigChief) . Go to the console and issue

reset 5

template 255

Copy this template to a temporary location then issue this command:

Module 19

Go ahead and upload the latest tasmota.gz file or tasmota-lite.gz file via the firmware upgrade button in the GUI. Do not use minimal. This is always the last resort file to use and isn't needed here. 

Once it is upgraded go back to the console and issue

Reset 5

Apply your template again from above. 


  1. thanks for the discount... I bought 2 light switches, but I couldn't tell if they are std decora size, do you know?

    1. Yes, the regular switches fit in decora faceplates.

  2. Very cool! I picked up a few of the bulbs since my skills are not that great to disassemble and flash them like unlike other things. Sounds like the brightness is decent.

  3. Ordered a 4-pack. Looking forward to the your video. I don't mind flashing but wire, but bulbs can be a challenge. Easier this way and support thier open-source approach. Win-win in my mind.

  4. Are they anything to do with ATHOM as in homey - athom.com?
    If they are.. thats odd that they are promoting local only since they went cloud only last year on the Homey device..

    but then this looks like a rip off their name

    1. Looks like different names according to the websites - Athom B.V. vs ATHOM technology co.,ltd


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