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Tasmota Ready Smart Home Devices - No flashing and without the Cloud!

(Don't forget the 30% coupon code towards the end of this post!) UPDATE 2020/11/01 - Notice posted on their website: Notice: The product purchased ealier than 20th Oct are 2m bin which is not compaitble wih official Tasmota OTA server. After 20th Oct 2020, the product changed to standard 1m bin and fully compatible with official Tasmota OTA server You heard correctly.  No flashing, no jumper wires, no soldering, no Tuya Convert, etc., take the smart bulb, switch, plug, etc., out of the box, plug it in and it is ready to go!  The device will be in access point mode ready to add to your Wi-Fi network.  ESPHome users can easily apply their own configuration to use them as well!   But why do we need this?  Can't we just flash our own devices?  Absolutely! If you have the skills and know how to flash the all of your devices then this might not be for you.   Do you just want something ready to go?  Keep reading, more and more smart home devices such as Smart Bulbs and Smart Plugs are