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Shelly Plug US with Power Monitoring - First Look

  UPDATE: Full video review/setup an issue or two I found - If you are familiar with the Shelly devices from the Shelly1 to Shelly 2.5, etc this might be old hat for you.  They are 120VAC power, 15A smart plugs with power monitoring!  Local control options right out of the box.  No flashing, no Tuya Convert, etc. required.  If you are thinking at first glance you might have seen this plug before, you might not be wrong.  Subscribe and enable notifications for the digiblurDIY YouTube  channel to catch an upcoming video on it. Purchase from the ShellyUS Store - 2 Pack US Plugs (use the 10% off coupon of travis10) There are a few things they got right and few things they didn't get right unfortunately.  For starters the design is a plus, it doesn't block the second plug.  You can put two of these on the same outlet with ease.  Power monitoring is another huge plus!  Great for those washer and gas dryer notifications on the laundry which is still one