Free your Smart Devices from the Cloud WITHOUT Soldering! The Tuya Clamp for Tasmota & ESPHome

If I you have an easy to open device with the TYWE3S module or simply open via/pin headers please be sure to share it in the comments below, email digiblurDIY on the Gmail domain, or send it via Discord (link below).  I'll update this post with various pictures and setup information as things progress below.

Take your stuff out the cloud and make it yours!  You paid for it, don't let someone else control it or possibly steal/spy on your data.  Tuya-Convert blocking have you locked into the cloud?  Let's check out the Tuya / Smartlife Flashing Jig.  You'll definitely be doing a dance of some sort after flashing Tasmota or ESPHome to your devices containing the TYWE3S module.  

If you are looking for a jig to be printed please message me on Discord -

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TYWE3S or Open Pin Header Devices


  1. Successfully reflashed TreatLife SS02S switch

  2. I have the treatlife ST10 which uses this chip also, but for some reason I can't flash. I am guessing it is the NRESET I am missing. But it doesn't have a pin for that. Any way to find where the PIN for NRESET is?
    I am thinking of buying some SS01S also which use the same jig, but none of the documents show the pins for that one either. I am hesitant to buy a 4-pack with the lack of OTA reflash capability anymore.


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