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How to use the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with Home Assistant - Tasmota

I reviewed the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge a few months ago in a video and was excited to see it had an ESP82xx chipset onboard.  This meant there was a glimmer of hope it could be flashed with open source local control firmware such as Tasmota !  That time has come!  The genius developers with Tasmota have done their magic again.  An inexpensive device you can add to Home Assistant as a Zigbee controller.  No YAML, no custom plugins, no MQTT.  One of the major advantages is being able to place it closer to your Zigbee devices which is especially helpful if you have your Home Assistant box in the basement or buried back in some closet.  Behold the ZHA Integration below. Purchase Sonoff Zigbee Bridge from Banggood or iTead So how do we flash this?  First and foremost, there's NO soldering; don't close the window just yet!  It's relatively easy to do.  This is a full step by step walk through, some of the Tasmota veterans can skip many of the steps such as adding Tasmota to your

Free your Smart Devices from the Cloud WITHOUT Soldering! The Tuya Clamp for Tasmota & ESPHome

If I you have an easy to open device with the TYWE3S module or simply open via/pin headers please be sure to share it in the comments below, email digiblurDIY on the Gmail domain, or send it via Discord (link below).  I'll update this post with various pictures and setup information as things progress below. Take your stuff out the cloud and make it yours!  You paid for it, don't let someone else control it or possibly steal/spy on your data.  Tuya-Convert blocking have you locked into the cloud?  Let's check out the Tuya / Smartlife Flashing Jig.  You'll definitely be doing a dance of some sort after flashing Tasmota or ESPHome to your devices containing the TYWE3S module.   Jig Pogo Pins USB Flasher (FTDI)  or others Jumper Wires Test Probes  or others   2 inch Clamp(optional) Fan/Dimmer Combo mentioned  If you are looking for a jig to be printed please message me on Discord - Resources How to Use/Configure Tasmota -

The Tasmota Fan Controller I've been waiting for...

UPDATE 07/16/2020 - Video showing using the jig to flash this controller  Treatlife DS03 Fan Controller and Light Dimmer I've done several projects with the Sonoff iFan03 and various Martin Jerry dimmers to make my own fan controllers that work via Home Assistant while also following my rule of "never removing functionality while adding functionality" in a smart home.  The setup is challenging with replacing fan capacitors for 120vac based fans, dimmer rules, iFan rules, etc.  I've always been looking for a drop in fan controller that was not Zwave or Zigbee based.  Treatlife finally came out with a device that answers all of this and more!   The Treatlife 2 in 1 Fan Controller and Light Dimmer is currently priced comparatively with other Zwave fan controllers that only have fan controls.  Available on Amazon Here . A live stream is available showing the device -   View Live Stream  on digiblurDIY The switch will work with the Tuya Smartlife cloud app if you want t