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DIY Smart Home - Ep#7 | Smart Garage Door Solutions | How to with no fees or cloud

Video We added a bit of DIY automation to the garage door for minimal costs and of course without any fees or forced cloud control  Taking a deep dive for the new folks to the DIY Garage scene and for the semi-DIY'ers we also show some other easy solutions. Parts Sonoff SV Sonoff SV (Direct from iTead) Reed Switch for Open/Close Sensor Alternate Reed Switch Moes Garage Door Opener Wyze Sensor Setup Video Moes Garage Door Opener Setup Post Tasmotizer Download Tasmota Garage Setup & Rules (for easy copy and paste from the video) ATTN Shelly1 Users! Use the Shelly1 Section at the bottom of this post for modified rules/commands (the below is for the Sonoff SV) switchmode2 1 poweronstate 0 setoption0 0 pulsetime1 10 (This rule below should all be pasted at one time) Rule1 on switch2#state=0 do publish2 stat/%topic%/status closed endon on switch2#state=1 do publish2 stat/%topic%/status open endon Turn on the rule with this command: Rule1 1 Sample YAML Config cover :   -  platform :