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Moes Garage Door Opener - Tasmota

In an upcoming video on the DIY Smart Home series, we planned to "smartify" the garage door and, of course, it had to be local control without all the fees and ever changing nonsense and security issues that the cloud brings.  One option we picked up was using the Sonoff SV to try, but as an alternative the Moes version of the garage door opener is easy to install.  Out of the box it does come with Tuya/Smart Life firmware, but of course we wanted to get rid of that, and put open source local control software such as Tasmota on it.  Moes Garage Door Opener on Amazon At first glance you might be thinking that someone simply took a Sonoff basic, added a couple wires, and repackaged it; unfortunately that isn't true.  If it was as easy as a Sonoff Basic, we probably wouldn't be writing this article on how to get it to work with Tasmota.  It does have a Tuya module inside, and as of the writing of this article, Tuya-Convert does work on the device.  But before I was quic