Update of digiDIM Tasmota Bins

For the folks using the awesome Martin Jerry SD-01 and Tessan/Acenx MJ-SD02 dimmers, I've updated the fork to  Keep in mind due to the settings layout of 8.x of Tasmota, if you need to downgrade below 7.2 you will need to serial flash.

More info on setup/flashing to be found here.


  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have come across this 3-way smart switch https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B078ZP8KK2/ref=dp_cerb_1?th=1 it cost less than the Moes (which is currently out of stock on Amazon) but should work the same as a drop in replacement.
    I was able to flash it with TuyaConvert but I haven't been able to find a template that makes it work after that.

  2. Thank you. This saved me. I tried the template for the MJ-SD-2 over at the blakadder site and that almost had me worried I bricked my switch! Yours works perfectly!

  3. Hi,

    is your digiDIM firmware up-to-date in 2020? I have 6 or 7 MJ-SD02 flashed with tasmota but the dimming doesn't show up in HA.


    1. Auto discovery has been working for a while on them. The latest so far, https://github.com/digiblur/Tasmota/commit/c68133a0fe63b80a561262f22747c5d684bdeea3

      8.4.x.x update later after some soak testing with the core


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