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Update of digiDIM Tasmota Bins

For the folks using the awesome  Martin Jerry SD-01  and  Tessan / Acenx  MJ-SD02 dimmers, I've updated the fork to  Keep in mind due to the settings layout of 8.x of Tasmota, if you need to downgrade below 7.2 you will need to serial flash. More info on setup/flashing to be  found here .

Amcrest PTZ Speed Dome Camera - 12x Optical Zoom - Integrated with Home Assistant and Blue Iris

The Amcrest 1080P Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera with 12x optical zoom. POE+, WiFi, and 4MP models available. The optical zoom and the ability to zoom into dark areas and see is pretty impressive. Utilizing the HomeAssistant streaming integration you can also control the camera via automations with all local control commands and RTSP & ONVIF. Models 1080P POE+ IP2M-853EW 4MP POE+ IP4M-1053EW 1080P WiFi IP2M-858W Home Assistant Integration - Amcrest Firmware - Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - Come chat with us! Discord - Patreon - #Amcrest Camera Models IP2M-853EW IP2M-858W IP4M-1053EW Links to products provided through the Amazon Affiliate program.

Sonoff iFan03 Install with Complete Fan Speed Control

Utilizing two dimmers in a 3 way configuration or even a standard 2 way, you can control the iFan03 with full speed and light control from the wall.  You also get visual and audio representation of the fan speeds and not to mention the remote still works! Products Used Sonoff iFan03 Martin Jerry Dimmer Acenx Alternate Faceplate Dimmer iFan03 (Aliexpress) 5uF Capacitors (10 pcs) 5uF Capacitors (2 pcs) Links provided by eBay Partner Network. Yes the caps fit without modifying the board or case! See below for pics. Tuya-Convert Process - Martin Jerry Dimmer Fork and Setup - Smart Bulb Project Mentioned - If you use the below rules with the "if" commands, a Tasmota bin compiled with Expressions/If commands is required.  Install the full-rules bin file here  Rules (iFan03) Rule1 on fanspeed#data=0 do backlog buzzer 1,5 ; publish cmnd/fandims/dimme

How to Control Smart Light Color and Brightness with a Dimmer - Tasmota Tips Episode 5

You heard right! We show you how to use a wall mounted dimmer to control your smart lights! This gives you the best of both worlds. You can also change the color temperature too with long press actions. Products Used Lohas RGB+CT Lights MJ Dimmer Optional Bench Power Tester Tuya-Convert Process - Sample Rules rule2 on power1#state do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/power %value% endon          on dimmer#state do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/dimmer %value% endon rule1 on switch3#state=2 do dimmer + endon          on switch2#state=2 do dimmer - endon          on switch2#state=3 do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/ct - endon          on switch3#state=3 do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/ct + endon rule1 on switch3#state=2 do dimmer + endon          on switch2#state=2 do dimmer - endon          on switch2#state=3 do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/ct 153 endon          on switch3#state=3 do publish cmnd/lohastest_new/ct 500 endon Get the Produc