Tuya Convert 2 - Flash Tuya Smartlife Devices - No Soldering - Remove the cloud with Tasmota ESPHome

Welcome back to flashing your devices without any soldering or opening of devices!  Flash Smart switches, plugs, lights, sockets and more with ease!  This process allows you to flash your previously locked out devices that wouldn't flash before on the original version of Tuya Convert.  TC will convert both older and newer firmware devices automatically.  Use your Raspberry Pi, Linux PC, Proxmox, etc to unlock all the amazing features of open source firmware.  Protect your privacy and data and keep it in your home.

Raspbian Buster Lite Download - https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/
Etcher Link - https://www.balena.io/etcher/
Putty Link - https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

Parts List
Raspberry Pi 3
32gb Micro SD Card
Fliirc Case (optional: great RPi heat sink case)
Raspberry Pi 3 Kit (UK)

Tuya based favorites
Martin Jerry Dimmer
Martin Jerry Switch
Martin Jerry 3 way
Moes 3-Way Smart Switch
4 pack Smart Bulbs
4 pack Smart Plugs
and many more here on our page

**PLEASE READ!** Once you have configured the Wi-Fi settings and your Tasmota device connects to your Wi-Fi network, go to the web UI of the device. Click Console and type "Reset 5" (without quotes).  This will wipe flash memory of any Tuya firmware remnants to help prevent future corruption during Tasmota upgrades.

Steps for SSH/Putty Terminal (Copy and Paste)
sudo raspi-config
sudo apt update
sudo apt install git
git clone https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert
cd tuya-convert

PLEASE NOTE!  The thirdparty.bin file is included in the Tuya Convert github repo now and will be there for you automatically to flash.

How to Configure Tasmota with HA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOg5qwO3Rh4

Devices/Toys we use -
Amazon UK Link - https://amzn.to/2TnG2R4
Amazon CA Link - https://amzn.to/2HchPZe

Come chat with us!
Discord - https://discord.gg/bNtTF2v
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/digiblurDIY

Huge Thanks to Tollbringer for his help with testing this process and major design help with the video thumbnail.  Looks great!


  1. is there a way to run tuya-convert as a docker container in unRaid? I assume I would have to do hardware passthrough so that the container could see the usb wifi dongle, but shouldn't it work? Have you done it?

    I use a Raspberry Pi 3 currently, but this method would free that device up completely if it works :)

    1. I haven't done it before as I've used a Pi3. You could try possibly doing a VM of Kali Linux and pass in a wifi adapter that allows hostapd to work.

  2. Followed your video and I was able to flash tasmota on a Teckin bulb. Now it is impossible -at least for me- to make it work with Hassio. I am following this esphome configuration with no luck https://esphome.io/cookbook/teckin_sb50.html

    1. Not sure if this will help on not but I had some initial trouble with getting my plug to work with home assistant. My issue was getting the proper mqtt channel set up. What I finally did was read the tuya convert documentation that helped me understand the proper mqtt message that needed to be sent. I used the tasmota console for my device to send commands and saw what the proper mqtt message needed to be and then was able to set that up in my home assistant configuration. I set up a gosund plug so it is not exactly like what you are doing but the concept should be the same.

  3. Thank you for the very informative video and some very good code that actually makes getting your device out of the cloud very easy. Is it possible for me to place my original gosund firmware back onto my device in the future if I should ever want to?

  4. Anybody tried this with a Aseer Light switch?

  5. Since HASSIO uses docker, is it possible to install Tuya Convert on the HASSIO SD as a separate docker image?

  6. I tried this process for Jetstream smart bulb. I was not able to proceed after turning connecting Wifi on smrtphone to vtrust-flash. I was able to connect samrtphone, and then put bulb in pairing mode. Buld flashes frequently, and then when i press ENTER, bulb stops to flash but Smartconfig packets fail. Tried 5-6 times. Any help? Is the smartbulb not compatiable? Using RP4 for running tuya

    1. I could be because of a new firmware being use in newer devices. Does your ID starts with 02?

      See https://github.com/ct-Open-Source/tuya-convert/issues/483


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