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Tuya Convert 2 - Flash Tuya Smartlife Devices - No Soldering - Remove the cloud with Tasmota ESPHome

Welcome back to flashing your devices without any soldering or opening of devices!  Flash Smart switches, plugs, lights, sockets and more with ease!  This process allows you to flash your previously locked out devices that wouldn't flash before on the original version of Tuya Convert.  TC will convert both older and newer firmware devices automatically.  Use your Raspberry Pi, Linux PC, Proxmox, etc to unlock all the amazing features of open source firmware.  Protect your privacy and data and keep it in your home. Raspbian Buster Lite Download - Etcher Link - Putty Link - Parts List Raspberry Pi 3 32gb Micro SD Card Fliirc Case (optional: great RPi heat sink case) Raspberry Pi 3 Kit (UK) Tuya based favorites Martin Jerry Dimmer Martin Jerry Switch Martin Jerry 3 way Moes 3-Way Smart Switch 4 pack Smart Bulbs 4 pack Smart P

How to Control a Smart Light with a Smart Switch - Tasmota Tips Episode 3

Don't cover up the light switches!  Control your smart lights from the wall and keep the best of both worlds.  Regain your sanity and score a high Wife Approval Factor by learning how to control your smart RGB lights from the wall.  Switches Teckin SR-41 - Martin Jerry - Tuya-Convert Process - Smart Bulb Comparison - Rules referenced in the video rule1 on switch1#state=2 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/power toggle endon rule2 on System#Boot do Var1 0 endon on Switch1#State=3 do add1 1 endon on Var1#State>=2 do Var1 0 endon rule3 on Var1#State==0 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/dimmer 15 endon on Var1#State==1 do publish cmnd/BT_TeckinSB50/dimmer 100 endon Get the Products We Use/Recommend Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - Come chat with us! Discord

Sonoff S31 - UL Listed - What's different?

I recently picked up the Sonoff S31 and Sonoff S31 Lite smart plugs that are UL Listed.   They new S31's bear the UL listed logo on the box and the back of the unit itself.  Let's crack them open and see what makes them tick. The Lite version is the same plug except it does not bring any power monitoring capabilities to the table.  With all new hardware revisions of various products I was worried that my favorite smart plug was going to go the way of the Sonoff Mini and not have any easy access headers for flashing the open source firmware of your choice.  The Sonoff S31 line of plugs easily fit two plugs on the same wall socket with ease, utilizes screws in case you want to open the device, and has easy to solder RX/TX pin headers; which is why the S31 is still my favorite smart plug! Of course I took the device apart and compared it to the previous non-UL S31 model (pics below).  I was excited to see they kept the same PCB that handles the ESP8266 side of things wh

The Extensive Smart Light Comparison of 2019

The Extensive Smart Light Comparison of 2019 | Teardowns included at the End We spent quite a bit of time setting up 15+ bulbs, photographing, videoing them and testing out each channel with LUX sensors.  All the data and video has been compiled for you to make your own decisions, although I do tell you which bulb is my favorite based on various factors/features. Bulbs Lohas A19 60W RGBW Lohas A19 E26 CW/WW Lohas A21 100W RGBW Edison Tunable E26 CW/WW Novostella 120W A19 Reafoo E26 Anoop 60W CW/WW Aoycocr A19 750lm Enshine A19 60W Esicoo 60W Luntak E26 60W Merkury A21 75W Teckin SB50 Lifx A19 1100lm Google Spreadsheet of Smart Lights  -=-=-=-Get the Products We Use/Recommend-=-=-=- Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon CA - -=-=-=-Come chat with us!-=-=-=- Discord - Patreon - Links to products provided th