Wyze $5 Door/Motion Wireless Sensors - No Cloud or Camera Required - How To with Home Assistant

Easy to deploy and reliable sensors for automations on doors, cabinets, freezers, toilet seats (we know who!), etc, check out the Wyze Sense pack.  By popular demand after the live stream we are doing a quick and easy step by step setup with Home Assistant.  This was tested on a Raspberry Pi 4 (which runs pretty quick!) but you can install this on many device setup types, such as unRaid, docker, etc.

Wyze Sense Pack w/ Camera
Wyze Sense Pack Only

Raspberry Pi 4 Kit

Addtl Links
Wyze Component - https://github.com/kevinvincent/ha-wyzesense
HACS Install - https://custom-components.github.io/hacs/installation/manual/
DrZzs Install of HACS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJTTCAvzpIU

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unRaid hidraw<x> Passthrough

This is for folks running separate docker containers and not using the Hassio Supervisor

Plug in the Waze USB receiver, log into the unRaid GUI and check the system log to see the number that hidraw installed as. (click the graphic below for a larger view)

Go to the Docker tab, find your "home-assistant" container and click edit.  Click "+Add another Path, Port..." button.

Click Save, then Done, and the Docker container will be stop and updated with the new pass through.  Follow through with adding the hidraw<x> number you had to the configuration.yaml.  That's it!


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  2. Is it possible to poll battery % values from the sensors ? If HA is in debug and a sensor is triggered, you can see it, but having HA debug (higher cpu) and waiting for an eventual trigger is not ideal. Thanks

  3. any idea hot to persist the hidraw number after reboot? I tried to follow this:


    but wasn't successful

  4. Can this be done with the V2 sensors and receiver?


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