Updated digiDIM / WifiManager Tasmota Files

For the folks using the awesome Martin Jerry SD-01 and Tessan/Acenx MJ-SD02 dimmers, I've updated the fork to  There aren't any additional features except for what came with the rebase on the updated base of Tasmota.  If you do decided to update your dimmers you'll need to select the MJ-SD01 module again after the reboot since the module number changes with this version.  More info on setup/flashing to be found here.

Even though Tuya Convert seems to be getting more rare and rare each day, I updated the generic bin with wifi manager (AP mode) as default to as well, this can be used for many other flashing applications too!  Download here.


  1. Hi from Holland. I am wandering if I should try to flash my dimmer. After succesfully flashing several sonoff switches and plugs I would like my dimmer to run Tasmota too. But I have not found any documentation on this particular dimmer. Would this one work? Any experience? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DHGQDQR/ref=dp_cerb_3

    1. Have you checked the Tasmota github issues thread or on their discord server? I'd also check the template site for it: https://blakadder.github.io/templates/

    2. I did check the templatesite earlier, but there is no reference to this specific dimmer. I will check the github thread. Thanx!


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