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Updated digiDIM / WifiManager Tasmota Files

For the folks using the awesome Martin Jerry SD-01 and Tessan / Acenx MJ-SD02 dimmers, I've updated the fork to  There aren't any additional features except for what came with the rebase on the updated base of Tasmota.  If you do decided to update your dimmers you'll need to select the MJ-SD01 module again after the reboot since the module number changes with this version.  More info on setup/flashing to be found here . Even though Tuya Convert seems to be getting more rare and rare each day, I updated the generic bin with wifi manager (AP mode) as default to as well, this can be used for many other flashing applications too!   Download here .

Power Monitoring with the ShellyEM

The ShellyEM is an all in one power monitoring solution for monitoring two circuits up to 120A. Buy a ShellyEM Products I use and recommend Amazon UK Link Amazon CA Link Come chat with us! Discord - Patreon - Sample Home Assistant Sensor via MQTT   - platform: mqtt     name: "ShellyEM1 Watts"     state_topic: "shellies/shellyem-B9E17C/emeter/0/power"     qos: 0     unit_of_measurement : "W"     icon: mdi:flash-circle   - platform: mqtt     name: "ShellyEM1 Volts"     state_topic: "shellies/shellyem-B9E17C/emeter/0/voltage"     qos: 0     unit_of_measurement : "V"     icon: mdi:flash-circle #    availability_topic: "shellies/shellyem-B9E17C/online" #    payload_available: "Online" #    payload_not_available: "Offline"

Wyze $5 Door/Motion Wireless Sensors - No Cloud or Camera Required - How To with Home Assistant

Easy to deploy and reliable sensors for automations on doors, cabinets, freezers, toilet seats (we know who!), etc, check out the Wyze Sense pack.  By popular demand after the live stream we are doing a quick and easy step by step setup with Home Assistant.  This was tested on a Raspberry Pi 4 (which runs pretty quick!) but you can install this on many device setup types, such as unRaid, docker, etc. Wyze Sense Pack w/ Camera Wyze Sense Pack Only Raspberry Pi 4 Kit Addtl Links Wyze Component - HACS Install - DrZzs Install of HACS - Products I use and recommend on Amazon Come chat with us! Discord - Patreon - unRaid hidraw<x> Passthrough This is for folks running separate docker containers and not using the Hassio Supervisor Plug in the Waze USB

Tuya Convert - What's Next? | Solderless Flashing Options

Tuya Convert got you down?  Still looking for some devices that don't require soldering to flash your Tasmota, ESPHome, etc open source firmware?  We are checking out a few devices that can be flashed with the open pin headers.  No soldering!  If you have any devices to add to the list be sure to comment down below.  They will get added along with pictures of the pin headers on this Blog post.  Let's build the list and make all of our devices ours with pure local control! Solderless Devices Zemismart - 1,2, or 3 Switch They refer to them as gangs, but there are three models based on how many switches you want. They are clickie style switches and fit in a standard US 1 gang width box.  Remove the 4 screws on the back and you'll see the pins all right there.  IO0 is the GPIO 0 pin. Sonoff iFan03 The button is GPIO0 - hold the button while applying power for a few seconds, just like the Sonoff Basic Etekcity Switch 2 Way Etekcity Switch 3 Way