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3 Way Smart Switch with Motion Activation

Installing the true 3 Way Smart Switch from Etekcity.  As always we flash the switch with open source firmware, Tasmota for 100% local control.  No soldering required to flash!  After the setup we do a slight modification to add a motion sensor to solve an issue I had in our laundry room. Etekcity 3 Way (2 pack) Etekcity Single Pole Flashing FTDI USB Flasher Jumper Wires Straight Header Pins To Add Motion Activation AM312 Angled Header Pins Installation Tools Wago 221 Wire Connectors Circuit Tester Soldering gear I use Station Solder  Flux  Helping Hands Additional Links Tasmota NodeMCU Pyflasher 3 Way Switch Diagrams Cliff Quicktest Tasmota Template {"NAME":"Etekcity 3Way","GPIO":[255,255,0,255,23,29,0,0,82,22,10,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18} Setup Commands for the Console backlog switchtopic 0;switchmode1 1;switchmode2 5;switchmode3 1;powerretain 1;rule1 on event#ON do power