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3 Way DIY Smart Dimming

3-Way Dimming without the cloud! I show the hallway 3 way light that was in dire need of dimming at night from our motion activated lights.  All of the Tasmota rules and links to wiring diagrams are included below. Enjoy! Subscribe, give us a thumbs up, and feel free to comment if you have any questions. Acenx Dimmer Switch Zemismart Switch 3-Way Switch Diagrams How to Flash the Acenx/Martin Jerry Dimmer Amazon US Link Connect with Us Patreon - Discord - Primary Dimmer Rules Rule1 on Switch2#state=2 do Dimmer - endon on Switch3#state=2 do Dimmer + endon on Switch2#state=3 do Dimmer 30 endon on Switch3#state=3 do Dimmer 100 endon Rule2 on Power1#State=1 do backlog publish cmnd/SW_Hall_Secondary/ledpower 1; ledpower 0 endon on Power1#State=0 do backlog publish cmnd/SW_Hall_Secondary/ledpower 0; ledpower 1 endon Rule3 on Dimmer#State>=70 do Var1 15 endon on Dimmer#State<70 do Var1 85 endon on Sy

LOHAS Smart Bulbs and a cool white/warm white bulb configured with ESPHome and Tasmota

The LOHAS LED Bulbs utilize dual channels of warm white and cool white LEDs on the MY9231/MY9291 LED drivers.  We show in ESPHome how to solve this issue with a custom component.  All of the sample configurations used in the video can be found at the GitHub link below.  The Anoop bulb is a dual channel PWM light shown in Tasmota.  We also show how to easily configure the device using the new copy and paste templates of Tasmota. LOHAS Color (3 pack) LOHAS Color (1 pack)  LOHAS CW/WW LED  Anoopsyche CW/WW LED Amazon US Link Connect with Us Patreon - Discord - LOHAS ESPHome Configurations and CopyChan component - Home Assistant Sample MQTT Configurations - Tuya Convert Process -

DIY Smart Laundry - Electric Dryer Voice Notifications

Do you use an electric dryer and need a solution to send voice notifications when the cycle is complete?  Let's build a simple non-invasive DIY sensor that monitors the electrical draw from the dryer using a Wemos D1/NodeMCU, a couple resistors, capacitor and a split core current transformer.  You can also apply this same project to many other electrical monitoring projects in the home.  Parts List Split Core Current Transformer Wemos D1 Mini   10µF Capacitor 10k Resistors   Preformed Jumpers Breadboard Alternative NodeMCU 8266   Alternative NodeMCU 8285 Amazon US Link Connect with Us Patreon - Discord - Misc Links Wiring Diagrams and Arduino Sketch - Arduino IDE Download - AsyncMQTT - ESPAsyncTCP - Boards Manager Address f