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Flash Tuya Smart Switches Over the Air - No soldering!

You heard correctly, flash all of your SmartLife Tuya App devices with no soldering at all.  Flash them while you can before devices are updated.  All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 to flash your devices with Tasmota.  No soldering at all and you will have full local control unlocking the true power of your smart devices. UPDATE: Be very careful that you put in the correct SSID and Password.  It might not be a bad idea to put in a simple backup SSID and Password in position 2.  If for some reason you mistype the slot 1 password you could always change your WiFi router to send out the simple SSID and password in slot 2 to fix the issue with slot 1.  Also once you get into the switch/plug Tasmota GUI, I would highly recommend changing the WiFi Config tool to WiFi Manager by typing "wificonfig 2" (without the quotes on the console), it should respond back with that WiFiManager is selected.  This will make the device go into access point mode anytime there is an issue with co

True 3-Way Smart Switch w/ Tasmota - No rewiring!

It's here!  A smart switch that works in several different 3 way wiring configurations without any rewiring or other tricks.  Swapping out one of the 3 way switches with this one is the only requirement.  This video also shows the details of using with Tasmota for local MQTT control with Home Assistant. Purchase 3-Way Smart Switch Additional Parts for Flashing Tasmota if Needed Soldering Iron Station Helping Hands(as shown) Alternative Upgraded Helping Hands 0.015 Solder Female Jumper Wires USB FTDI for Flashing Amazon US Link Updated with templates for the new Tasmota version Setup your MQTT Configuration first Tasmota Setup Commands (copy and paste each section to one line in the Tasmota Console) Setup and Configuration Page Consolidated Here Additional Links Excellent guide with various 3 way wiring configurations Tasmota Releases Flash ESP8266 Termite Terminal App Internal Pictures

How to install unRaid NAS and Home Assistant

Have you outgrown the Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant?  Need something easy with more space and horsepower?  Look no further as unRaid is an easy Network Attached Storage solution that works great with Home Assistant.  No command line experience needed!  The docker management GUI of unRaid is second to none with easy installs, automatic updates, notifications, and more. Spaceinvader One's channel for additional unRaid Tutorials How to install Community Applications on unRaid Form thread

Smart Motion Sensor and Night Light - How To

How to make a Smart Motion Sensor out of a Night Light Smart Plug.  An excellent solution to easily put a motion sensor in a room where you couldn't before for automated lights. You also get a night light and smart plug in the same package for less than $20! Parts List Smart Plug - iMah or iClever  PIR Motion AM312 Sensor - 2 pack or 1 pack   Soldering Iron Station Helping Hands(as shown) Better Helping Hands 0.015 Solder Female Jumper Wires USB FTDI for Flashing (click the pic to zoom) Home Assistant Configuration YAML - Samples switch:   - platform: mqtt     name: "MotionNite Switch"     state_topic: "stat/MotionNite1/POWER1"     command_topic: "cmnd/MotionNite1/POWER1"     availability_topic: "tele/MotionNite1/LWT"     qos: 1     payload_on: "ON"     payload_off: "OFF"     payload_available: "Online"     payload_not_available: "Offline"