State of the Dimmer - Tasmota Dimmer Updates

The Martin Jerry, Lesim and OG Oittm Dimmers are covered from usage, firmware changes, Home Assistant configuration templates, and other differences.  The three WiFi dimmers I use in my home for local control with MQTT and no reliance on the cloud.

Martin Jerry Dimmer
Lesim Dimmer
Oittm/Lopoo/Moes Dimmer

digiDIM Tasmota Fork


  1. Do you know if there are any that can be had in black? I need the wife approval factor to do this in our kitchen...Thanks!

  2. I realize this is an older post, but I've been using your Tasmota fork with my MJ Dimmer. I don't see that the newer versions of Tasmota added support for it, unless it is named differently. I see you update yours from time to time...


      Go to Configure Module in Tasmota and pick PWM Dimmer.

  3. zigbee cases are in white, wonder if they are interchangeable

  4. Thank you for your awesome work. now I have 10 Martin Jerry dimmers at home and they all work perfectly.
    I have a request for you! could you include the HUE emulation into your build so we could add it directly to Alexa!
    that will help me not to go through lots of extra work to connect every single switch/dimmer to Alexa.

    here is the documentation link

    Thank you

    1. I have done builds with it before in the archive. Not sure if I included now since pwm dimmer module works well in the stock builds.


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