Best WiFi Smart Switch? - Flash Tasmota on the KULED Smart Switch

The KULED WiFi Smart Switch unboxing and Tasmota firmware flashing tutorial.  These switches have been welcomed by many as an easy solution to their smarthome projects.

Can it replace a Sonoff Switch?  You be the judge. One of the easiest devices to flash, with NO soldering!  Don't forget to set your flashing adapter to 3.3 volts!

Parts List:
KULED SmartSwitch (2 Pack)
USB FTDI Adapter(for Flashing, set jumper to 3v3 - NOT 5 volts)
Male Headers
Jumper Wires

alt text

Verify your header layout is the same as pictured, some switch variants have labels the layout is different.

HomeAssistant Binary Sensor Config YAML

- platform: mqtt
  name: "KuLED Test"
  state_topic: "stat/KULED-1/POWER"
  command_topic: "cmnd/KULED-1/POWER"
  availability_topic: "tele/KULED-1/LWT"
  qos: 1
  payload_on: "ON"
  payload_off: "OFF"
  payload_available: "Online"
  payload_not_available: "Offline"
  retain: false

GitHub with the pictures and sample HomeAssistant Config -

There is a danger of electrocution if not installed properly. If you don't know how to install this device, please call an electrician.