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3-Way KULED Smart Switch Tips & Tricks with Tasmota

We are showing additional tips and tricks on the KULED WiFi Smart Switch; 3-Way Config, Long Press Actions to control other devices, LED Control, and LED Dimming.  Learn how to use Tasmota rules with the various configurations in your projects. Watch the previous video of how to flash the KULED Smart Switches as we are setting them in a 3-way configuration! Parts List (to flash Tasmota): KULED SmartSwitch (2 Pack) USB FTDI Adapter(for Flashing, set jumper to 3v3 - NOT 5 volts) Male Headers Jumper Wires

Best WiFi Smart Switch? - Flash Tasmota on the KULED Smart Switch

The KULED WiFi Smart Switch unboxing and Tasmota firmware flashing tutorial.  These switches have been welcomed by many as an easy solution to their smarthome projects. Can it replace a Sonoff Switch?  You be the judge. One of the easiest devices to flash, with NO soldering!  Don't forget to set your flashing adapter to 3.3 volts! Parts List: KULED SmartSwitch (2 Pack) USB FTDI Adapter(for Flashing, set jumper to 3v3 - NOT 5 volts) Male Headers Jumper Wires Verify your header layout is the same as pictured, some switch variants have labels the layout is different. HomeAssistant Binary Sensor Config YAML - platform : mqtt name : " KuLED Test " state_topic : " stat/KULED-1/POWER " command_topic : " cmnd/KULED-1/POWER " availability_topic : " tele/KULED-1/LWT " qos : 1 payload_on : " ON " payload_off : " OFF " payload_available : " Online " payload_not_available : &quo

Sonoff Basic Expansion Mod - Buttons, PIR Motion Sensors, Tasmota Rules and more!

The Sonoff Hydra-Basic with two capacitive touch buttons and a PIR motion sensor.  Break into the powerful Rules of the Tasmota firmware and control more than one light/function with a Sonoff Basic. Parts List: Sonoff Basic USB FTDI Adapter(Sonoff Flashing) Male Headers AM312 PIR Sensor Capacitive Touch Button Jumper Wires Fuses (optional but recommended) DrZzs video on step by step how to flash a Sonoff - Tasmota Rules Commands Used: backlog switchmode1 3;switchmode2 1;switchmode3 1 rule1 on switch2#state=1 do publish cmnd/S20Beta/POWER TOGGLE endon rule1 on rule2 on switch3#state=1 do publish HydraBasic/PIR/state YES endon on switch3#state=0 do publish HydraBasic/PIR/state NO endon rule2 on rule3 on switch3#state=1 do publish cmnd/TuyaDimTest/Dimmer 75 endon on switch3#state=0 do publish cmnd/TuyaDimTest/Dimmer 25 endon rule3 on HomeAssistant Binary Sensor Config YAML - platform : mqtt name : " HydraBasi

Finally! A Tasmota WiFi Dimmer Smart Switch

Looking for a MQTT WiFi Dimmer Switch that works with Tasmota for local control that works with HomeAssistant and many other home automation solutions?  Check out this dimmer smart switch here on Amazon - Oittm Dimmer Switch .  If they don't ship to your country/area try this variant here on Amazon. This is a 1 gang US sized WiFi dimmer smart switch with Tasmota firmware! No cloud or internet necessary.  All local control. The WiFi controller is an ESP8266 chip ready to be flashed with Tasmota firmware.  I've coded the serial communications necessary into the Tasmota firmware and compiled the firmware for you. Flash with a standard USB ESP8266 capable flasher device.  Do NOT connect it to mains power while flashing.  Flashing this device will void the warranty, do so at your own risk! Firmware - Or you can snag one of the latest nightly builds here: